Short Fiction

How about a quick read? I’ve added a few shorts to this section. Most of them are literary fiction, which is characterized by the artistry of writing, complex characters, and the exploration of deeper themes and emotions.  Just add your email address and I’ll send you a story.

Literary Fiction

Genre: Literary Fiction, Coming of Age

Set against the backdrop of a bustling Atlanta warehouse during the summer of 2003, “The Warehouse” follows the life-changing journey of Quinté Shepherd. Having just graduated from high school, Quinté stands at the precipice of adulthood, unsure of what the future holds.

As he spends his days wandering through the warehouse, he contemplates the limitless possibilities of life and the decisions that await him. The warehouse becomes a symbol of potential and uncertainty, reflecting Quinté’s state of mind as he confronts the timeless demons of history that continue to influence his life.

Quinté delves into the core of his being, exploring his passions, dreams, and the complex intersection of race, identity, and education. Guided by the echoes of the city’s past struggles, he seeks to find his place and purpose in the world.

In this compelling and introspective journey, Quinté must decide whether to settle for a conventional life or make a ruckus, challenging the norms and societal expectations. As he grapples with the question of whether the world will make him or if he will make the world, Quinté’s self-discovery takes center stage, and his choices will shape the trajectory of his life forever.

Genre: Literary, Romance

In the midst of the city’s ceaseless activity, Jay spends his days and nights navigating the streets as a rideshare driver.

Longing for deeper meaning and fulfillment, he finds solace in fleeting encounters with his passengers, wondering if the answers he seeks lie within them.

One fateful day, Queen enters his life, bringing a spark of hope and enchantment that Jay has never experienced before.

As they continue to cross paths, their connection deepens, revealing layers of vulnerability and shared dreams. Yet, their demanding jobs create constant barriers, threatening to extinguish the budding romance before it can fully bloom.

As Jay and Queen navigate their relationship, they must also confront the pervasive issues of race, class, and life choices that surround them.

In a city teeming with diversity, their love is both a refuge and a battleground, testing the strength of their hearts and convictions.