The Good Work

Stay organized on your journey. Everything has a time and a place.

This week, I’ve been getting organized. I’ve been clearing some clutter and auditing my time. I realized I spend a little too much time with my digital distraction screen, and seeing the total hours was definitely part of an awakening.

The audit helped me build a wiser schedule where I get my most important things done, then I  have a bit more time for loved ones and my reading habit that fills my evenings. 
I’m almost able to go on a few more photo walks, and find interesting scenes during the night.

Nevertheless, I’ve been cutting back on the screen time and getting into the plot of my stories. So much so, I’ve been dreaming of the events. Do you ever dream about your stories? The crazy part is feeling like you’re in a war zone then waking up and realizing you’re home and safe. 

Home and safe are usually good things, until you add a world bending twist. Then you’ve got another story going. 

But I digress, I hope you’ve got something amazing brewing for the weekend. I’m chugging away at my deadlines, hoping to make progress on these manuscripts. Keep going. I know you’ve got a plan, keep chiseling away and making progress. 

Until Next time. 

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