Sacred Moons

A moon sacred in its shroud.

I was having a bit of trouble discovering my next story. I decided to get some fresh and air to clear my thoughts. I found silence, a bit of moonlight, and peace.

Been working on some character interviews and backstory this week, it strengthens the details of your narrative and drives tension as your characters struggle through challenges to find success. Backstory also helps with the nuance of character building, so your stories don’t seem flat and mundane.

After working all day on that headspace and backstory stuff, I still found some bandwidth to find a photo for the week. Three characters: the moon, the people in the speeding car, and the photographer, Moons, I called them. There may be something interesting in this moment when we dig into the worlds of a mundane crossing into parallel universes. Who knows? The story writes itself sometimes.

I hope you’re working on something magnificent that inspires you and makes you proud to be an artist and a warrior. Have some fun this weekend. You deserve it.

I’m back to my parallel worlds.

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