Notebooks and New Stuff

I hope you’re up to a great adventure this weekend. Even if it’s raining there is always a new place to explore or a cause that needs some light in the shadows. 

This week, I’ve been working on my digital footprint. The People in the High Server Room think it’s very important for independent authors to have an optimized digital footprint. 

So with a lot of reluctance, I’ve been working with a few social publishing tools to add to my digital presence. I really need a publicist, but when you’re independent, you have to dig-in and learn new stuff, so I’m up for the challenge. 

I’m also adding a comment section to these posts in case you want to leave a note. 

As promised, I’ve added a photo of my notebooks. I write things longhand then transfer them to digital. It’s been my process for a while because keyboards aren’t as intimate as pen and ink, in my opinion. And I always say, work with what works for you. 

Hope you’re having a good week.

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