Writing in the Shadows

Another week has gone by and we are back to the gentle world our weekend.

I’ve kept busy with my camera, finding a few new shots for the week. I was looking for drama and shadows this week.

I think I found a few (shadows) in my meanderings while making some time to add a few more words to my current WIP.

The characters are entering my dreams now, so I wake up and add notes while I’m in bed. Can’t sleep when in the creative process.

In other news, I’ve stopped resisting my urge to write everything longhand, and I’m embracing the trade. I’ve ordered a dozen new notebooks, and I’m ready to fill them.

The former statement merits a photo of my notebooks. I guess I’ll have to share one next week. For now, my recent adventures with nightscapes will have to suffice.

I hope your writing, or embracing whatever artistic discipline you enjoy. Creativity is a muscle. Flex it sometime. You might surprise yourself.

I’ll check-in next week and share a picture of those notebooks for good luck. I’ll talk to you soon.