Shadows and Journeys

Hey friends,

I was a little bit worried that I wouldn’t find a moment to share a few words with you this week.

So I hid away for a moment, while I was supposed to be engaged in a monotonous activity to share a little bit of my meanderings from the week.

I found this shot on a morning rush to a gig. I was imagining those big buildings as crazy mechs or invading aliens from another planet, who make us rush to work everyday. I was happy with the shadows and how the buildings seemed to be ghosts on the horizon.

This next one, I just kind of found while I was patrolling this neighborhood that was a former housing project. They built new homes in the area after they bulldozed the project. There was a school and tons of those old brick buildings that would never fall until someone removed them with machines to begin a new story.

The power lines were there to witness it all. In the old times, they used to tell us stories about people who became sick after living beneath power lines. I wonder if they are still true, but I bet there is new research that will explain everything’s OK.

This last shot discovered me. I saw the leading lines and it made me think of journeys to come and journeys that have passed. In all of this discovery, I’m sure there’s somewhere to go and somewhere to be as you move through your day to day adventures.

In my writing world, I’ve had to let some projects go that were pushing my work laterally. I’ve had one too many occasions where I’ve taken on way too many things to do, and I am learning to be a lot better about focusing on just a few very important things. I was happy to purge the unnecessary writing, so I can focus and really dig in to my upcoming stories.

I hope you find some good photos and good stories to write or to keep secret this week. It’s good to moments that are important, and to understand the values of the little things that make the journey worth the trouble.

I’ll see you next week.