Getting Organized

I’m glad it takes me a while to write these letters. The world moves too fast these days and the pressure to release the next post or the next work creeps up faster and faster.

It’s too bad moving faster Doesn’t force out better work, but when you live in the world world, you find a way to dream between the sunsets and the sunrise.

I’ve been working on organizing my work lately and building a better process to get everything into its proper place. I’m coming to terms with the fact I’d rather write things by hand which doesn’t make me the fastest rider, but it suits my work and my temperament.

I’m sure there are other Folks who prefer the pin to the keyboard. It’s just some thing about the tactile motion of riding and the smell of paper and ink.. When I’m ready to share, I usually add at all to the computer because that’s where we present things.

I’ve also been busy with my lens. This ferris wheel piqued my interest the last few weeks. My city has become an adult amusement park and the stories keep getting better with all the tourists and newcomers.

I’m sure you’re writing a great story or dreaming one that you’ve been holding onto. I’m finding the grace to write more and share as the journey continues.

Happy writing. I’ll see you next week.