Writing is like drifting into a dream state and everything in the world fades away for just a moment. The worlds we create are just beyond our reach and real enough to make the crafting worth the trouble.

With respect to our common plane, we return from our imaginations to make a ruckus in the ordinary world.  We grind, we socialize, and we post. It’s too bad the rules we create in our written worlds exist for only a moment, as we journey through a day of routines to make it back to our dreams.

Writing preserves the world of imagination. We can share the wonder and then conceptualize how we get more time to craft our worlds. This is the gift: trudging through our regular every day stuff to got back to the magic. I’ve been trying to find it and not look back.

I’ve been working on two series, a dozen short films, and a few other visual media projects.

My therapist, which doubles as my notebook, says, I need to focus on one thing at a time. I’ll be heeding this advice and working diligently to create my dark world of fiction and a few other projects. I can’t wait to share them. They’ve been on hold for quite some time.

Here are some photos from the landscapes I’ve encountered recently. They stir my mind, so hopefully you’ll enjoy them too.

Sometimes I laugh when I say landscapes, because rooftops and billboard ads usually make up my landscapes. I’ll be on the hunt for more rustic photos for next week. I’ll share them with you here. Let me know if you write anything or if you take any photos yourself.

One of the other things that I need to work on is being better at posting on my blog, so I can say, I’ll be back with another post next week.

Stay tuned.