Going on a Photo Walk

Welcome back to weekly notes.

I hope that you are finding space for your creativity and working through the daily grind of talents and parables.

I’ve been seeking new ways to stay connected and keep up with the landscape of the internet world and hiding less in my fortress of creative solitude.

This week I found myself at a crossroads. I had a choice between staying inside my creative fortress or going outside and seeking some new inspiration.

I’m glad I ventured outside. The walk and the photos helped me find some new plot points, and I made a short video with my new to me camera. You can watch it here.

Keep writing and enjoying your week. I’m creating characters for my all-new short with the working title, Kryptonite: A Fan Fiction. It’s a spin on a Super Woman story with a new threat to the galaxy.

P.S. I’m still polishing the new Dorean Black. I’ll be glad to share it with everyone soon.