Getting Back to It


It’s been a while since our last note, and I’d like to take some time to share a letter with you before the end of the month.

This month has been quite busy for me. I’m currently working on finishing the latest edits and newest sections of Kryptonite: A Fanfiction. It’s a twist on a superwoman story with some new characters and lots of superpowers.

I’ve also gotten back into the edits on the second book of the Dorean Black Series. This one is still taking some time, but the plot continues to grow, and the story is developing as I write more.

In other news,  these last few weeks have really been a test of endurance. Dedication and commitment to my creative work has really been a challenge, as I have been known to take on many projects all at once.

I’m still working on doing less and getting more out of the purposeful elimination of unnecessary tasks.

It all came full circle today. I had a moment to do a very simple task which was cleaning my home. My desk was messy, my room was messy, my living room was messy, everything was a mess.

Straightening things out provided a moment to clear my mind and organize my thoughts. Some people say a messy room is reflective of a messy mind. I’m glad I took time to focus on one task and other things worked themselves out as I cleared a lot of clutter. 

I hope you’re getting some creative work done and going on a few adventures. Fall is here, and the leaves are changing, so I’ll have some photos to share soon. 

I’ve got some pretty big projects on the way, and I hope to share them with you all soon. Wait. Hope is the wrong word. I WILL share them with you soon.

Keep making a ruckus!