Solutions and Value

I was reminiscing with a few of my friends about the complexities and uncertainties of life.

We talked about the triumphs and difficulties of the past year, and everyone was offering their solutions.

My business minded friends love their markets as a solution, saying, “People make all moves according to profit.” My holistic friends talked about home and health, saying, “If we’d make the the planet and our home lives better, we’d all be happy.” My disillusioned friends wanted to chat about something else. They said, “It’s all rigged anyway. Why are we talking about this?”

I thought my holistic friends had the strongest point, but I stayed out of it. Watching the fray is much more interesting from the distance, and I wasn’t interested in their solutions. I was more intrigued by the value of the problems being solved. 


I’ve taken to my lamplight to write at night. I figure one day away from the pen is too much, and adding a simple writing session at night adds value to each and every day.


Photo by Olav Ahrens R√łtne