Searching for Success

On our day to day journey, we encounter the stumbling blocks of achieving success. There is a ringing phone, there is our obsession with social media, and the relentless mental pressure of uncertainty.

On the flipside, there are the highs of the journey. It’s like waiting in line for a roller coaster. We wait in line for hours then the thrill and exhilaration finally becomes reality when we take the ride on the roller-coaster.

The paradox of both extremes is, no matter the high or low, we inevitably return to the center of the continuum. This is the silent place, the crossroads, the blank page that is the pathway to Art.

We are lucky that life isn’t two sided. Our journey isn’t just the highs and lows. We spend much more time in the middle than at the extremes.

This is why I get excited at the prospect of a blank page. I see the opportunity for creation, but the page, whether blank or filled, is the work of Art it is meant to be.

In our Art, we have the same opportunity. We can value reaching the top, or we can realize, on the continuum of success, the state of perfection is most likely the center not the extremes.

Credits: Photo by Thought Catalog


P.S. I’m still editing my webseries. This is no joke. I see why film industry folks have very specific jobs. Everything involving film or a webshow is a full-time gig. I salute their work! Likewise, my notebook is loving the plot twists as I continue to draft my next book, A Mother’s Song. Peace and Blessings with your Art! Stay focused and clear. The day is yours.