There is no shame in being second with Art. Art isn’t a race. Arts ending and beginning are the same: there is an idea that needs to be shared.

Sameness, on the other hand, is a race you can win. We’re usually motivated by greed, and the faster we replicate a mundane experience, the faster we cash-in and it’s over. This is good if you’re into short-term and mundane.

The true Artist recognizes the power of process and understands that creativity takes time. The Artist tests their big idea. The Artist refines their purpose and strategy. The Artist is brave enough to take the leap and ship their work, no matter the circumstance or stumbling block.

First is best for athletes and auto races. Remarkable, when it solves problems and creates an entirely different way to view the world, shifts the paradigm and offers new opportunities for the artist and the world.

Photo by Giorgio Trovato


My next installment of Life Cycle of an UB3R Driver is live. I know you’re out there making good art. Believe in yourself and keep the love flowing.