Driving Attention

There is beauty in your goal and your mission. There is worthiness in your ambition. There is a journey that led you to build your dream.

As we market our vision, we seek the latest hacks and shortcuts that will drive traffic to our sites. We pay for attention. We jump into the latest trends. We seek gurus. We take our online courses. We learn, “The journey is reward.”

Although our focus may be engagement and conversion, the most telling metric of any endeavor cannot be quantified. The unique metrics are the questions you answer in your posting. Did you share your experience? Did you remind your clients why you started your business? Did you tell them why you paint each week? Did tell them why design is the only thing that keeps you up at night and you love every minute of it?

When you talk about your WHY, you dawn on something unique. You discover your true focus. You finally create something click-worthy. You tell a story.

Photo by @productschool


Things are shaping up with my webseries and edits on my narratives are still ongoing. I always find a way to create no matter how busy I get. Little by little, everything keeps coming together. Tell someone that matters that you love them, and stay focused on LOVE and your awesome work. Peace and Blessings!