Clearing the Clutter

A cluttered workspace is the enemy of progress, the catalyst of procrastination, and the opposition of opportunity.

Some of us cling to the absurdity of organized chaos, but face it. Messy is messy, and it’s probably not helping you.

Think about it. When you start envisioning your dream. You create vision boards. You adapt a single-minded focus, and you approach all of your work with your vision in mind.

You gain leverage when your vision solves a real problem that saves others time, or helps them see the world in a new way.

Do the difficult work that brings your vision to life. Contact the people. Build the connections. Edit the pages. Start over, if you need to. But most importantly, do the work, bit by bit, piece by piece.

There is a dark tunnel begging for the light of your inspiration.

There is a wasteland waiting for new life.

There is a journey to your success waiting to begin.

Clean your desk then start with a blank page. Release your thoughts by writing them down. Examine your musings then connect the dots. Our minds are complex, our visions have meaning, and clarity of mind and space is priceless.


I hope you had a safe and restful holiday week. In my house, the festivities continue through the New Year. It places a strain on my introversion, but family and friends make the days much more meaningful. There’s a thousand new stories and million new things to learn about everyone. Sending abundance and blessings to you all. Happy Holidays!