Working by Lamplight

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I plugged in an old lamp next to my bed this week. I gathered a stack of old notebooks from my backpack, and I wrote in the lamplight.

Place and setting have a lot to do with work. Sometimes, it’s difficult to reach flow when you’re stuck in a noisy setting or working through interruption after interruption.

Every artist knows there is never a perfect time for art. We make time and make the most of every moment.

Every brushstroke on the page, every post that tells the story of your best work paints the portrait of a remarkable story that can lead others, help in dark times, and share new an valuable insight the pushes the boundaries of thought and personal development.

Make a haven for your connections and build the space for your best work to thrive every day.


I’m still filming my web series. It’s the final week of production then it’s on to edits. I’m also working on my next installment of Dorean Black, A Mother’s Song. I don’t have a definite release date for the work, but getting the pages done is worth the effort. Keep up the awesome work. The world is beautiful because each day has a different opportunity to make a wonderful day for you and the people you love. Peace.

Photo by: Viktoriya