Starting your Big Idea

Last November, I visited a job fair. I had a stack of fresh resumes, the global pandemic wasn’t a blip on the radar, and I was set on the idea, I’d find my perfect career at one of the hundreds of tables.

I made my rounds. The sales jobs weren’t the right fit, too stressful. The administration jobs weren’t good, too busy. And the more technical fields weren’t good either, they seemed too rigid.

I ended up at a table with a young man offering grad school as a future option. He explained that getting my masters was a good choice while considering a career.

He had the perfect pitch worked out, “Having trouble picking a career? Maybe, 99% of the jobs aren’t for you. Consider a degree in our new program.”

I looked through the brochure. It was titled: 21st Century Entrepreneurship. The courses were broken down into 5 components: Marketing, Business Administration, Mass Communications, Digital Design and Your Big Idea.

I pictured sitting through two more years of college, and I thanked him as I walked away. Grad School was too expensive, but I learned what I needed to know in less than two minutes.

I went home. I set up a table, and ordered books on Marketing, Business Administration, and Mass Communications. Then I looked for some really good graphic designers to help with my big idea.


P.S. I’m entering the last few weeks of filming my webseries. It’s been a journey, and I’m looking forward to the next phase, editing. This week’s photo is by Laura Gilchrist @lauragilchristedu Check out her work. Stay blessed. Peace!