Choose Your Path

Paying attention to a million different hobbies and spreading your time and attention on task after task just to complete your busy To-Do List is the worst way to commit to your dream.

Often, we take-on an array of tasks because the competitive survivalist inside of us wants the thrill of completing an endless list of busy work.

After you conquer your list, you can celebrate for a moment, then it’s time to start another list that sometimes leads to a hamster wheel of task completion.

Don’t get me wrong, it feels good to conquer challenges, but our greatest challenge may be deciding what truly matters to your creativity, your style, and the story you want to tell the world with your best work.

I love challenges. I love trying to do the impossible, but right now, the challenge may be recognizing, you don’t have to take on every challenge to have a successful life journey

Photo by: Sandra Kass


The filming of my new web series is still ongoing. A new episode of Life Cycle of an Uber Driver is available next week. You can catch-up on parts 1-3 this weekend.

I hope you take some time for yourself and your creativity. The never ending scrolling can wait.