Create with Courage

There is no storm you can’t handle. There is no obstacle you can’t overcome. There is no writer’s block that can stop you.

The obstacles that hinder us are often self-imposed as we play the game of internet-attention, tethering our efforts to the relentless quest to become the noisiest and loudest spokesperson we can be.

The alternative, offering peace, offering space, offering a different side to the mundane should be our goal.

Consider your web content. Is there a way to tell your story in a new way? Is there a way to upgrade your narrative? Is there a way to seek peace with your art and solace with your creativity?

I’m sure there is a proverb deep inside you that keeps you going each day. Devote some time to your greatest aspiration and commit to your grandest dream. Starting today exponentially lowers the potential for regret over the long term.

Photo by: @oddityandgrace


P.S. Still working on my webseries. We finish rehearsal and start filming next week. Stay tuned.