I miss my drive to work. I miss the traffic. I miss the frenzy of morning.

I remember grabbing things, forgetting where I left my keys, and insisting on the coffee, which I don’t drink, just to accomplish one more thing before I left.

It’s strange to miss surviving or the way the break-room smelled like day old everything.

I miss the way coming home felt, and the way a clean room greets you in silence but remembers the place of things you hold near.

The coffee was still on the counter when I returned, and the television was waiting there along with the sofa.

Now, I leave the coffee in the tin and peace to find war, but when I leave now, I walk with the sky just to miss home then return to the love I miss coming home.

This week was a harrowing adventure in juggling multiple commitments. I survived the commotion, and these words were inspired by the experience. Find something you love and stick with it. Finding 10 things you love and juggling all of them is dangerous.

Photo Credits (top to bottom): Alexander Popov, Bethany Legg, and Valentina Locatelli

Happy Saturday.