First Saturday September

It’s First Saturday with Friday Paul Ayo and I’m taking a break from my reflective pieces, just this week, to share episodes of my ongoing series, Life Cycle of an UB3R Driver and to announce September’s Writing Challenge.

Read the New Episodes of Life Cycle of an UB3R Driver

Ride along as your driver takes you on a trip with two passengers who prove patience is an often overlooked virtue.

Featuring a complete revision of Part 1, and an all-new episode: Red, White, and Blue experience life from the other side of the wheel in these short reads. 

Writing Challenge September

Writing with a team and challenging yourself is the key to finishing your work and becoming a better writer.

Take the leap and bring 500 words to life each day for the rest of September.

Post your word-count and tag me on twitter @fridaypaulayo, hashtag #archive500 as you write. You’ll probably crush 500 words, but teamwork and accountability are my focus as we write each day.

I’m also giving away two $25 Amazon Gift Cards to the Archivers who post and share everyday, all or nothing.  

Have an awesome month, I’ll look for your posts on .