Dorean Black

In the electrifying metropolis of Seven X City, Dorean Black is an ordinary man leading a fast-paced life. Yet, one extraordinary morning changes everything when he encounters the woman of his dreams and finds himself entangled in a deadly terrorist attack on a bus. With courage and quick thinking, Dorean saves lives but unwittingly thrusts himself into a dangerous web of intrigue and deception.

Amidst the turmoil, Dorean reunites with his older brother, and together, they embark on a harrowing journey that forces them to confront their painful past. As dark memories resurface, they must fend off a relentless operative hell-bent on their demise.

In a world where nothing is as it seems, Dorean faces his ultimate test when he challenges a mysterious man in dark-rimmed glasses, plunging into a life-and-death battle. The fate of Seven X City hangs in the balance as he fights for his own survival and the future of those he loves.

Dorean Black is a gripping suspense novel that keeps readers on the edge of their seats, exploring themes of terrorism, heroism, romance, and the strength of family bonds. In the face of danger, Dorean must unravel the twisted truth and make a decision that will alter the course of his life forever. Will he embrace his calling as a hero, or will he retreat into the shadows to protect himself from the ruthless world? Find out in this heart-pounding thriller that challenges perceptions and pushes the limits of bravery.

The Story Behind the Book

 When I started this project, I didn’t plan on writing a series. It was an assignment during one of my college courses. I had to write a Flash Fiction piece that was at least 200 words and less than 1000 words. 

Accordingly, the original piece was about a man who sat at a bus stop and observed people passing on their way to work. He watched birds, business people, busses, convertibles, smoke from sewer grates, and gum on the pavement as far as the eye could see. I wrote an epiphany, and then his bus arrived. The observer boarded, and the story ended for that moment. 

Years later, I dusted off a notebook and decided to expand the story. I mixed in villains, conspiracies, mind-control, and a Dark Moon City to spice things up.  


The city bus wreaked of day-old marijuana and a hundred perfumed bodies wrestling to control the trapped air. James Hanon sat in the back of the bus and observed each passenger as they entered and sat down. When Moriah Norwood entered, the bus was nearly at capacity, but she found a seat by herself. 

The command prompt, <cmd>liberty-or-death<\cmd> flashed through Hanon’s mind, and he gawked at the other passengers as held back the action of the program. It wasn’t time, he thought as he struggled not to rise from his seat.

The bus rinded to a halt. A man, who was reading a book at a bus stop, boarded. Hanon watched him walk down the aisle and sit in the last empty seat, the one next to the lone woman. The buzzing in his mind was unbearable. The time was now.


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