Working on your First Book?

I’ll begin by saying, there is no magic bullet or secret ingredient to finish your book. Perseverance and hard-work does not come readily available on shelves.

Ironically, and unlike the mysteries of perseverance and hard-work, books are conveniently available on shelves, but the journey to get the pages done is unique and remarkable for each author.

This means you’ve got go to go through something to get the pages done. You’ve got to feel something to make your audience feel something. And you’ve got to learn something to teach something.

So get rid of the izzes and two’s in your work. Learn to love verbs. Embrace style, learn new vocabulary, add poems and songs to your prose, misspell words, and throw verb-tense out of the window if your characters speak in dialect, we all do.

Whether you write non-fiction, mysteries, action-adventure, hip-hop lit, or editorials, the commonality amongst all written work is a tenacious-spirited author, maker, artist, messenger who understands life writes the story.

Don’t get in the way when it arrives. Write it down and try not to mess it up.

Below is a list for people who like a plan. I plan all of my work before I write. Like the old saying goes, If you don’t you don’t know where you are going, you’ll never get there.

6 Helpful Steps to Finish Your First Book


1. Pre-Write and Plan.

Outline your story and make sure you know how it ends, so you know where you’re going.

2. Write Chapters not Books.

Writing a book is daunting. Writing chapters that combine to form a robust, work of literary is awesome.

3. Set aside Time to Write and Stick to It.

If you don’t make time to write. You’ll never finish.

4. Set Daily Goals.

Finish the scene, finish the description, or if you’re writing nonfiction, finish the claim, evidence, analysis of the topic you’re covering each day.

5. Professional Editing

Find a professional editor to help refine your work. Too often, we writers work in silos and our work and creativity suffers because we don’t embrace collaboration.

6. Love the Work

You’ve got to love the work you’re doing, and you’ve got to keep going until you’re finished.

Remember, a book is a project that may take at least two years to complete. If you love the work, get to it, and don’t look back. Happy Writing!

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